This took some time

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This took some time

Post by Artur » 29. March 2013 22:34

It's time to post some news again.

I guess some of you noticed that the frontpage got a new theme called Haze. The look is a reference to the official Haze site. Hope you like it.

Now to the important stuff:

We have a new section called FRD Extras with the famous R107 letters, some articles and blog entries of the official site. Of course everything is the original language - english.

Haze and Second Sight are the other new - right now not working - sections on the site. But don't sweat it, they will be filled any time soon.

At this point I also want to remember you about my Ask Arial section on the site. It's our own version of the R107 letters. Give our form a try and see what you get as a response.


For your convenience I worked on the navigation of the download section. The "Back to upper" link now redirects you to the correct page you previously were.

As a sidenote: the section for the mapmaker maps is going well and should be finished any time soon.

Oh and yeah, we have a shoutbox now - and it's also in English (but there are probably some german text messages in there).

More on the next update.