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TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Basic Information
Electronic Arts
Free Radical Design
Graeme Norgate
Playstation 2
Nintendo Gamecube
Language (Text):
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
Local, Lan Mode, Online Mode*
Players (local):
4 Players**
Players (Lan/Online):
16 Players***
Age Rating:
* Only Playstation and Xbox.
** Playstation 2 needs a Multitab for 4 Players action!
*** PS2 version supports only up to eight player online multiplayer matches. Xbox supports 16.
Humanity is once again at the brink of extinction. Join Sgt. Cortez on his journey through time with the help of heroes new and old. Fight against powerful enemies, rescue pretty woman in distress and show the TimeSplitters what you're made of.

You can also play in Co-op to terminate your virtual enemies twice as quickly.
Release Dates
Platform Name Dates
Playstation 2 TimeSplitters Future Perfect NA 21 March 2005
EU 24 March 2005
AUS 28 March 2005
Nintendo Gamecube TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Xbox TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Cover Text

Blast Your Way Through Time

Save mankind from the brink of destruction in this third installment of the acclaimed TimeSplitters series.
Cortez returns in a race against - and through time - to track down and defeat
the evil Splitters and a mysterious, time jumping foe.
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
8-player online multiplayer battles -- choose
from 16 maps or create your own.
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Arm yourself with a massive arsenal of weapons
from the past, present and future.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Innovative time travel gameplay lets you team up
with your past or future self and be your own ally.
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Fight across multiple time periods in Story.
Arade, Co-op and Multiplayer modes.