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All people listed are those who helped with the content and translations for TimeSplitters-World. They extended our site with their help to make it grow even bigger and better.

A big thanks to these people.

The "Motto, etc." will not be translated.

Helpers list

##php and #httpd
Name: ##php and #httpd
Section: ##php helping with code for languages; #httpd helping with the rewrite rules
(insert name here)
Name: (insert name here)
Section: English Translation, Suggestions Signature Creator
Name: Braces
Section: English Translation
Name: DaTopGamer
Section: French Translation
Name: Flo
Section: TS2 and TSFP Content (german)
Force Ten
Name: Force Ten
Section: English Translation, Additional Signature Creator images
Greater MK Monkey
Name: Greater MK Monkey
Section: Finnish Translation
Name: Ironhide
Section: Spanish Versions of Arcade Leagues and Challenges
Name: JTDrumman07
Section: English Translation
Motto, etc.: He's awesome, that's all there is to it
Name: Joshed7
Section: French and English Translation, Organisation Help with the Link directory
Motto, etc.: Co-Creator of Split, Lover of TimeSplitters, gamer extraordinaire, Lazy guy. I am Joshed7
Name: Seromaynh
Section: Spanish Translation
Motto, etc.: It's a Conspiracy!
Name: YeastYark26
Section: French Translation