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TimeSplitters-World is a fan project of the famous and beloved console shooter serie TimeSplitters. On our site are all 3 games listed and all the information which we are able to collect.

Apart from that we wish you fun while poking around our site and thanks for the visit.

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TS Rewind Update
Artur | Geschrieben am 19. September 2016 02:27.
Hello again,

a new Video from the TSRewind team has been published. Damianaid, a member of the team, uploaded a new Video about the changes and updates made to the game.
So far it looks quite promising, what he says, but the older videos were the same. We'll see what will happen next.

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Chicago 8 Bit Music Cover
Artur | Geschrieben am 10. April 2016 18:48.
GamerX234 uploaded a new TimeSplitters music cover to Youtube. This time Chicago got a 8-bit cover.

In my opinion this TimeSplitters cover is so far the best GamerX234 made. But see listen for yourself.

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TimeSplitters Rewind: Showcase for Warzone
Artur | Geschrieben am 1. January 2016 21:18.
One member of the TimeSplitters Rewind team, Damianaid, posted a new Video on Youtube showcasing the Warzone level.

So far it doesn't look too bad - even if the level feels quite tidy for original counterpart. We'll have to see how the final version of that level is going to look.

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Happy New Year 2014
Artur | Geschrieben am 1. January 2014 00:24.
I wish everyone a happy new year.


Party hard and stay safe!

This took some time
Artur | Geschrieben am 29. March 2013 22:34.
It's time to post some news again.

I guess some of you noticed that the frontpage got a new theme called Haze. The look is a reference to the official Haze site. Hope you like it.

Now to the important stuff:

We have a new section called FRD Extras with the famous R107 letters, some articles and blog entries of the official site. Of course everything is the original language - english.

Haze and Second Sight are the other new - right now not working - sections on the site. But don't sweat it, they will be filled any time soon.

At this point I also want to remember you about my Ask Arial section on the site. It's our own version of the R107 letters. Give our form a try and see what you get as a response.

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